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Who is this program for?

Police  |  Detectives  |  Investigators  |  Security Guards 

What you can expect

Sexual Assault Profiling and Behavior Analysis
A positive impact can be made towards the number of survivors reporting and seeking help, if the “system” creates an environment that is educated about sexual aggression issues, and is not based on myths and attitudes. We focus on offender profiles, investigation strategies and analysis of behavior within the legal system.
The Realities of Sexual Aggression
This program implements over 28 years of research and street experience to address aspects of sexual aggression while focusing on what can be done to create a safer environment that combats sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking. 
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Law enforcement investigators are on the front line of sexual violence within communities.  Unfortunately, many professionals do not have the necessary information to adequately fight the battle. We want to change that.

This program addresses the realities of sexual assault as it relates to the crime, the criminal, and the investigation.  Are false accusations as prevalent as many think?   Why aren’t sex crimes reported more?  Is sexual assault premeditated or is it impulse driven?  What can be done to more adequately address the survivor while making a case that will win in court or a campus hearing?

These and many other questions will be answered.

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