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No Zebras!

 Engaging Bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression

Now, finally the book you've been waiting for is out and available in paperback and on Kindle

No Zebras! Engaging bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression has been a passion project for Steve Thompson for the length of his career. 

"This book has taken a career to complete. During those many years, I have had the privilege and opportunity to hear many voices that influenced me. First and foremost were the thousands of survivors voices; male, female, young and old. Each one with experiences that individually and collectively impacted me. The voices of family and friends of survivors who themselves were impacted as secondary survivors. The experiences and knowledge advocates throughout the country have shared with me. The written word and voices of the many experts in the field who have influenced my views and knowledge. The voices of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges who deal with the complexities of sexual aggression daily. Lastly, the written accounts as well as first hand interviews with the true experts in sexual aggression, the predators themselves. Collectively all these voices have influenced me in both a professional and personal way."

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No Zebras is the most concise and comprehensive book on the market today addressing sexual assault, stalking, harassment, domestic violence, child sexual assault and bystander education. It exposes you to the realities of sexual aggression to educate, enlighten, and engage you. Author, Stephen Thompson, a university professor and Sexual Aggression Services Director, established the first university peer-to-peer advocacy program in the country. He has over 40 years of experience listening to the voices of survivors, advocates, law enforcement, and predators themselves. With most incidents of sexual aggression, there are people who suspect what is happening; yet much like the helpless zebra, they watch while one of their own is harmed by a predator. This book gives you the knowledge and skills to eliminate the bystander mentality and actively participate in the fight to end sexual aggression.

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