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No Zebras Productions is made up of multi-media, real-world examples of the topics being addressed. To further address the topics and to give context for the scenes, an educator will break down the scene and talk about what that it means, and how to intervene. The educators draw on their experiences as both a peer as well as an advocate. 


Be the Change: Engaging Bystanders in the Fight Against Sexual Aggression

Perfect for back-to-school and orientation programs and anytime you want to introduce an audience to the broad spectrum and accurate occurrences of sexual aggression. Learn about your ability to stand up. 

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Hostile Hallways: Dealing with Harassment and Bullying

Three Examples of harassment: Hostile hallway, Quid Pro Quo, community/living area. While common, these areas are often ignored or minimized by society. We dive into harassment and bullying behaviors, and possible bystander intervention strategies.

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The Heat of the Moment: Understanding and Mastering the Language of Consent

Here we offer a thorough understanding of what it means to give consent, what consent is, and how we respect and abide by it.

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