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When combined, the educators of No Zebras Productions have almost 40 years of experience in prevention education and advocacy. Having each come from different backgrounds, everyone has an immense passion for ending sexual and intimate partner violence, stalking and harassment.
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Braden Thompson has been educating on the subject of sexual aggression and bystander intervention since he was 13 years old. He has been presenting and advocating all over the world since then, and he was one of the first male peer advocates in the country. Along with Steve Thompson he innovated orientation programming for students and military personnel alike. As of 2015, Braden has been teaching undergraduate students on the subjects of Sexual Aggression at Central Michigan University. When  not on stage speaking and educating students, he's on stage playing harmonica and singing with local blues bands.

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Alyx graduated with a degree in Integrative Public Relations and Event Management from Central Michigan University. Fire up Chips! She has over 200 hours of training on sexual aggression and bystander intervention. Over the past five years, Alyx has traveled the country presenting educational programs and providing advocacy to a wide range of audiences including high schools, university students and members of the United States military. Alyx currently resides in West Michigan where she enjoys exploring the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. She is passionate about community service and enjoys volunteering with children.

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During her time at Central Michigan University Lindsey studied Neuroscience and Communication Disorders. During four years as an active advocate Lindsey received over 200 hours in comprehensive training in the topic of sexual aggression. Throughout her time as a Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate Lindsey presented countless educational programs to the students on campus and in the surrounding community. Lindsey has attended multiple national conferences with the Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates and presented at RespectCon in 2016. New to No Zebras Productions, Lindsey is excited to continue working and educating in this field.

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Kate graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Studies. She was an advocate for Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates for four years, where she also served as Program Coordinator and was a presenter at the 2010 national "Sexual Assault in Our Schools" conference. She has obtained over 250 hours in Sexual Aggression training, and has traveled across the country and world presenting No Zebras for over six years. Kate is passionate about helping others through mentoring and coaching, and enjoys teaching group fitness classes whenever she can. She also enjoys spending time with her dog and eating pizza.

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Whether handing out pamphlets during Sexual Assault Awareness Month when he was 10, or presenting to thousands at Guantanamo Bay, No Zebras has been a part of Quinn Thompson's life for nearly as long as he can remember. In addition to No Zebras, Quinn has over 5 years of peer advocacy experience, where he presented hundreds of programs. When he isn't donning a polo and presenting around the world, you can find him donning a gi as either a martial arts teacher or student. Quinn loves comic books and pro wrestling, hates mustard and stubbing his toe.

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Author of the book, No Zebras! Engaging Bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression, Steve Thompson has been devoting himself to studying the whys and hows of sexual aggression for years. He has gone into prisons to talk with offenders, has interviewed police officers, psychologists, doctors, and thousands of survivors. His unique approach is a result of over 35 years of research and street experience involving hundreds of interviews with survivors and offenders. He has presented over 1,500 programs dealing with sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, workplace violence, threat assessment and harassment throughout the country. Steve is retired from Central Michigan University as Associate Professor and Sexual Aggression Services Director. He is an assault investigation consultant and criminal profiler for police agencies throughout the USA. He is also a court qualified expert witness who has consulted with many agencies and the media on some of the country's most public cases.


In 2012, Steve started No Zebras Productions. This unique program incorporates video and live presenters educating audiences on issues of sexual aggression, bystander engagement, consent and harassment. No Zebras Productions has spent three years traveling the world conducting programs for the Department of the Navy on sexual aggression and engaging bystanders. Today, No Zebras Productions is active nationally educating college students on the realities of sexual aggression and bystander engagement.


Besides the book, No Zebras! Engaging Bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression, Steve Thompson also authored No More Fear, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., and wrote the most comprehensive behavioral analysis of familiar sexual predators titled “Date/Acquaintance Rape – The Crime and Criminal Profile” in the scholarly journal, Campus Law.

Steve is the heart and soul of No Zebras. 

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