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Our Story

"We like to honor our roots."

No Zebras Productions has its foundation with Sexual

Aggression Peer AdvocatesSAPA, which started in 1997, developed the original No Zebras No Excuses for its college and university population. The program started as a one-off Freshman orientation in 1998 at Central Michigan University called "It Can Happen to You!"

No Zebras & More was founded in 2012 to better help our clients get access to first-class sexual assault prevention education anywhere in the world.

'And we've grown since then. As of October 2018, we are re-branded as No Zebras Productions.

 Since 2001,SAPA has developed the foremost peer advocate program in the country, training hundreds of advocates who then go on to change the world in the sexual violence prevention field. 

Each student volunteer receives a more comprehensive training than any professional-level advocate, and as a whole, SAPA helps over 200 people every academic year.

As a result, No Zebras Productions, SAPA's flagship program is presented all over the world by this company cast, all former SAPA's, and by the current SAPA's in Mount Pleasant, MI.

Our Story

Our Clients

Here are some of the great people, and organizations we have been fortunate enough to work with over the years.

Our Name

What does 'No Zebras' even mean?​
no zeb site.jpg
no zebras 1.jpg

It all starts with a lion, stalking a herd of zebras.


​The zebras notice and start to run away.The lion isolates one and brings her down. Seeing the lion is now occupied, the zebras stop running and continue munching on grass. They glance at their friend and think, 

"That will never be me."


The struggle continues, and who will be next? The zebras outnumber the lion, standing together they are more powerful, and could eliminate the threat.


The Bystander Mentality is the focus of this powerful program.


Through a series of vignettes it teaches that the issue of sexual aggression can no longer be ignored.  People must stand up, quit being bystanders, and help keep others around them safe.

We invite you to explore No Zebras Productions and see if it right for your programming needs.

Our Clients
Our Name
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