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Sexual Assault: A Voice for Victims

Instances of sexual assault, and sexual harassment have been coming to light seemingly non-stop over the past few months. Celebrities, and athletes alike have been stepping forward and stating that they too have been affected by sexual assault. Thankfully, it is not just those with an influential platform that have been allowed the opportunity to share their story, but all of us with access to Social Media have made that case that if we have an issue needs awareness; we can create that awareness. # Metoo. #TimesUp. Both active movements working towards political, cultural and legal change.

Not so much in colleges and universities however.

How are Colleges dealing with Sexual Assault?

Colleges are now creating, or reassessing their Sexual Assault Survivor Support Programs, and mainly basing these practices on the efforts of Steve Thompson at Central Michigan University. Steve Thompson, founder of No Zebras, and former professor at Central Michigan University began to realize that sexual assault, and sexual aggression were issues that were simply not being addressed or dealt with in any constructive way in his location. He was then stunned to learn that no other colleges maintained any type of support program either. It has now been 20 years since Steve began speaking up, and in turn giving victims of sexual assault a voice. How do Survivor Support Programs deal with Sexual Assault?

Steve Thompson's goal for the creation of Sexual Assault Survivor Support Programs was to bring forward the issues, develop awareness, and give voice to those who have been affected. He wants to let victims know that there are people who care about what they have gone through.

“Creating the idea that there are people here who give a damn,” Thompson says. “That was really important.”

With the help of publicity from the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, Steve has been adamantly committed in his belief that these types of support programs need to spread as far and wide as possible, creating awareness, and putting a stop to tolerance of sexual assault and aggression. If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual harassment, speak out. There is a good amount of support these days. You are not alone.

Contact us today to find out more about our stance on sexual assault and aggression, how we can help your campus raise awareness, and change the way students react, protect themselves and each other and behave, with our cutting edge prevention programs.


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