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Perfect for the Campus SaVE Act prevention requirements

No Zebras. No Excuses.​

No Zebras. No Excuses. is a survivor-centered, perpetrator-focused Bystander Intervention program.

No Zebras uses vignettes of violence and educators paired with each scene to highlight valuable information and, more importantly, what can be done about what the audience saw.

Runtime: 1:15:00 to 1:30:00.

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10 Min.

Courtesy: Ryan Kubec

The No Zebras program uses real-world situations presented in short vignettes. The  vignettes give examples of sexual assault, stalking, partner violence and harassment  in real life environments based on actual situations. Between each vignette peer educators speak with the audience; addressing behaviors, reinforcing laws, and policies, while discussing the actions that could be used to intercede. The highly acclaimed No Zebras, No Excuses has been tested, researched and continually improved since it was first introduced to all new students at Central Michigan University in 1999.  


Since that time, countless university audiences around the United States have seen this program.  
Additionally, No Zebras has been the focus of training to military personnel throughout the world. Each educator has several hundred hours of sexual aggression education and advocacy training/experience.
This one of a kind program gets results without alienating the audience.


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What does 'No Zebras' even mean?​

​No Zebras: What will you do? Using an animal analogy.​

It all starts with a lion, stalking a herd of zebras.


​The zebras notice and start to run away.The lion isolates one and brings her down. Seeing the lion is now occupied, the zebras stop running and continue munching on grass. They glance at their friend and think, 

"That will never be me."


The Struggle continues, and who will be next? The zebras outnumber the lion, standing together they are more powerful, and could eliminate the threat.


The Bystander Mentality is the focus of this powerful program.


Through a series of vignettes it teaches that the issue of sexual aggression can no longer be ignored.  People must stand up, quit being bystanders, and help keep others around them safe.